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It’s been a long road and the things I learned since I started charging for photography in 2009 made me respect every profession out there.  But most importantly, it is people’s will to persevere in order to do a great job that I admire, and in turn, that fuels my hunger to do an even better job for them.  It sounds cliché, everyone is paying bills but at the end of the day, why do we keep doing what we do?


I started with a call from Lindsey Hermes asking me to shoot her wedding in the insanely humid Hong Kong summer in 2009.  Back then I was just a camera junkie, the ones you see hanging antique cameras on their necks, dashing in and out of “meaningless” alleys covered in graffiti while focusing on the little weed flower that grew out of the cement cracks witnessing the urbanization of history. *hipster eye-roll* I was honoured by the request, yet terrified that I will somehow mess up their big day.  Ten years, countless clicks and assignments later, some of her photos on that day are still easily my favourite.  That’s the allure of photography, isn’t it?  No matter how experienced you are, that one shot is forever.


Since then, I had been twisting my body in the unhealthiest ways to “get the shot” so if photography hadn’t made me appreciate the immense help I got from everyone, at least it’d made me more flexible.  Joking aside, photography gave me access to people’s hearts.  I am delighted to have the opportunities to tell their stories.  I am also most grateful, that my clients gave me that trust to be a part of their journeys.


Man, I haven’t talked so much since making that old laggy website. So yeah, hit me up and let’s make stuff happen!

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